Accountability Program
for Kind Aesthetic + DELVE Past Clients

Maintaining your practice along with your marketing is a daunting and difficult task, as we understand from experience. You've worked so hard to develop your unique story and marketing materials and set amazing goals for yourself, so we want to help you to keep up the momentum. With the needs of each of our clients in mind, we’ve developed a new Accountability Program to help you you get it all done. Please read below to see what this program can offer you, as well as the different packages to suit your personal needs.

The Kind Aesthetic Accountability Program will:

  • guide you through any website or social media updates and planning

  • advise you on any design or photography issues

  • quell any doubt or lack of confidence about the direction of
    your work

  • offer time to talk through professional roadblocks

  • tailor specific feedback dependent on you and your work

  • and last but definitely not least, hold you accountable so that you can reach your goals

  • help you prioritize your marketing tasks dependent on your current goals

  • keep your editorial calendar on track

  • give you feedback on your writing and how you speak about
    your work

  • provide time management and organizational advice to help you create better habits

  • assist you with productivity



Remember that working in isolation will not afford you success. It’s too easy to let the work take over and forget to put yourself out into the world. The beauty of this program is that we already have the pleasure of knowing you and your work, and we love working with you. You will be assigned to either Sara or Andrea, depending on your work history, needs and our availability. Let us help you shine. Questions or suggestions? Please be in touch!


The Monthly:

This option is perfect for you if you need a little bit of structure to keep you on your toes, or if you are working on a side practice and need more time to accomplish what you say you will.

What you get:

  • 2 Twenty Minute Calls Monthly: We’ll check in and plan with you at the start of the month and at the end of the month to make sure that you are on track to achieving your goals. Before the first call we will help you prepare all of your questions and concerns by providing a handy checklist that you can send over to us before the call. Each call will be focused and to the point.
  • Post Meeting To Do List: In between calls, we’ll work on a shared document together that will help you organize your goals and to-dos for the next month. It will be the real-time place that you update your progress so we can check in with you virtually. This work is on your own time so you know you can get it done, and you will have our support along the way.
  • 2 Monthly Check-Ins Over Email: We’ll be checking in with you twice throughout the month over email to assess how things are going. Remember that the progress you make is reliant on the work you put in, so the better you are at updating your To Do List the more you will get out of us.

One month: $99
Try us out for a month and see how it goes! It works out to less than $25 a week for total peace of mind that you are accomplishing your goals.

Three months: $275*
Commit to us for three months and we can dig deeper, develop a personalized schedule, and get everything done! Plus, we can give you a little break in cost. Think of it as less than a mani/pedi, buying the nicer bottle of wine, or that taxi-ride-home-when-you-could-have-taken-the-subway per week.

Monthly Accountability Program Packages


The Weekly:

This program is perfect for you if you are a full-time artist or entrepreneur who wants to make some big strides in promoting your work and/or finishing a big project. Also, if you need someone hounding you to finish your work, then sign up for this now!

What you get:

  • 4 Twenty Minute Calls: We’ll talk and plan every week during brief but focused and invigorating calls to set you on track. Before the first call, we will provide you with a thorough worksheet so that you can address all the concerns and tasks at hand.
  • Post Meeting To Do List: We’ll work on a shared document together that will help you organize your goals and to-dos for the next month. It will be the real-time place that you update your progress so we can check in with you virtually. We will help you break down the tasks from daunting to easily doable in short bursts of time, because we know that is all you have.
  • Unlimited Email Communication: We’ll be checking in with you at least once a week as you update us on your progress, but we can be in contact to give you real time feedback along the way, when you need it. The more work you put in and stay on task, the more progress you will make and we will definitely help you succeed.

One month: $245
Try us out for a month and see what happens. From experience you know that we love holding you accountable, crossing things off your to do list and making real-time progress. We are ready to help you get rid of those nagging worries and establish new, productive habits.

3 months + 1 month free: $735*
We all know it takes time to get big projects done, so we want to give you an extra month free. That means 16 weeks of having us in your court, being your cheerleaders, and supporting you every step of the way, for less than a dinner for two out a week for four whole months.

Weekly Accountability Program Packages

Want to talk through which plan is better for you first? You know we are always here for you. Send us an email and we'll set up a time to to talk.

*Payment plans accepted.