DELVE Interview- Lindsay Maiorana

Welcome to our first installment of DELVE Interviews, a look into the unique paths of artistic and creative individuals. These conversations are a branch of our DELVE Workshops and Networking Events, where we celebrate and discover everyone's unique paths as artistic and creative forces. It's a chance to learn from others, meet new people and see where our worlds overlap. 

Lindsay Maiorana

Lindsay Maiorana


We have had the pleasure of getting to know Lindsay Maioranaan Account Executive at NRI. We worked with her on a recent project and were impressed at her positive force and energy behind the management of large-scale printing projects, as well as learning about the behind-the-scenes information that makes each project a success.

NRI is a company that "provides comprehensive digital document management services and print solutions nationally" and they specialize in "color graphics printing and software for the marketing and design communities." It was founded in 1898 and we love that it is a certified woman owned and operated Woman Business Enterprise.


Can you describe your path in the creative industry- from where and when you began, until now?

I have always loved photography and began to quench my thirst by diving in head first at the Maine Photographic Workshops and then eventually at the New England School of Photography. I found my way through many freelance jobs, internships and apprenticeships with various photographers and art departments. I basically tried out every avenue in the industry and eventually found my niche in print production where I produce visuals for museums and retail. Here, I get to work with every creative department in all the industries I love – fashion and art!

Can you describe a day, or week, in your professional life?

Every day is completely different. I love being able to meet with clients and facilitate their creative vision by brainstorming the best materials and processes for printing and fabricating custom pieces. Whether it be for a retail window or an exhibition, seeing a project through from start to finish means that I am on site from the beginning completing site surveys and there for the installation. With multiple projects going at the same time, I need to be super organized with my time as well as my correspondence. I am basically the conduit between the client and production, but this is where I get to make things happen and I love that!   

What is your favorite project that you've worked on?

My favorite project thus far has been working with Panache. They are a lingerie company (ooh la la) that needed graphics for a trade show at the Javitz Center. I worked with the 3D team at my company to produce a digital rendering of an entirely new booth custom fabricated with beautiful graphics. It was so gratifying to help this project build from its conception to the materializing of the final construction. We used a combination of ultra sheer fabric and custom frames to create the booth walls that resembled fabrics they use in their product. The client was so fun and easy to work with it was the icing on the cake for this job.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from managing all of your projects?

Patience. Patience and listening. You need to be able to anticipate issues and then understand it in order produce a resolution.   

And finally, where is one of your favorite places to go to be inspired?

One of my favorite places for inspiration is in the kitchen. I love being creative with food and having friends over for dinner. Every night is an occasion to celebrate! And here I get to be with the people I love, create delicious meals and take pictures of them! Gourmet Magazine was always my favorite magazine because it had the most stunning photographs, I was sad to see that one go.


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