Open Studios- connecting art and viewers

We were happy to participate in Gowanus Open Studios the weekend of October 18-20. The event was a chance for hundreds of artists and craftspeople to open their doors to the public for free. As artists, the result we experienced was tremendous: throughout two days we counted that over 650 people came into our space and viewed our work. We were asked questions about our practice, processes, and the content of our work. People read our artist statements. We sold pieces and met new acquaintances. We feel that Open Studios is a really important part of being an artist since talking about our work allows us to formulate our ideas in concrete and concise ways and then have constructive and thought-provoking conversations with others. Art needs its audience.

For someone who is interested in collecting and buying art work, Open Studios is an amazing resource. You are able to see the work where it is made, understand who the artist is and where the work is coming from. Not only are you able to acquire something that is unique and new for your collection, but you are supporting the artist directly. Remember, buying one small piece by an artist is how you can start your own collection! 

We will keep you posted on future Open Studios around New York, so stay tuned here on our blog and on our social media. (Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.) 


The work of  Sara Jones

The work of Sara Jones

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