Made to Move is on the go

Before we founded Kind Aesthetic, we had been working on projects together since graduate school in an artist collective called ||| (3-art) with friend, Leah Gauthier. Our recent project, which is currently on the go, is called Made to Move 

Made to Move  is a traveling exhibition of small art works by over 20 American artists that is touring the United States and will be installed in a variety of unexpected or non-traditional spaces. The exhibition is designed to take art out of its institutional settings and reach a variety of under-served communities interested in learning more about contemporary art. In addition to experiencing artworks close up, viewers will be able to learn about the artists, their lives, and the inspiration behind their work.

Each artist contributed to the exhibition an artwork measuring five inches or smaller. Made to Move is a representative cross-section of the art world today, and combines portability with diverse media, topical issues, and wide-ranging approaches to art making. You can read more about the project on the 3-art website and see some of the work and a list of all of the amazing artists. 

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