Friday Links- November 15

Welcome to our weekly round-up of things we found interesting and noteworthy during the week. Find it here every Friday.

The Whitney Biennal 2014 is taking shape.

The New York Times feature of the The Cost of Being An Artist is an important discussion. 

Adding on to that is this piece by Ben Davis.

Indie Media Camp by Brooklyn Based was a success.

A great piece from Performa and Storefront for Art and Architecture.

Inspiring studio visit with Brian Scott Campbell on In the Make. His motto is: "J Mascis says that writing songs is like fishing; you just have to show up and wait. Making art is like this, I think. You just have to catch a lot of small fish, and put the time in. Keith Haring once said about drawing, '…it is still basically the same as it has been since prehistory. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.'"

And since the holidays are coming up we wanted to share this pie recipe from our neighbors at Four and Twenty Blackbirds that looks incredible. 

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