Five Alive- Annie Hart of Au Revoir Simone

On today's Five Alive, where we ask people we admire five questions about their creative lives, we are featuring 
Annie Hart, a multi-talented musician whose main project is the band Au Revoir Simone. The band just released a new album called Move in Spectrums, and has had a busy fall touring Europe. We are thrilled that Annie took some time to answer some questions for us!


What is your favorite art making tool?

I like spirographs and synthesizers.  Maybe that will be my next album title.

What music/band/artist are you listening to the most right now?

If I can be completely honest, it's me and my random demos.  I'm trying to move forward in my songwriting and gathering all my little iphone memos.  I also can't stop listening to Drake.  I just love Drake.

Annie's instrument set-up.

Annie's instrument set-up.

Where do you go for peace and quiet?

The library!  Any library.  I just love to find public libraries in whatever town or city I happen to be in and hole up there for a day straight.  It's a very strange and specific type of tourism that requires a lot of photocopier use. 

Where is your next dream travel destination?

I recently headed to London and jumped aboard the Palma Violets' tour bus for a few days with my young son.  That was fun.  But I am really interested in exploring Glacier National Park and Yellowstone.  I've never been able to spend a lot of time in that part of the country.

Is there a color or palette that you are drawn to?

Blues, blue-greens.  I love the color of Lake Michigan.  If you've seen that color, you know that color.  It's this deep, deep blue with a hint of green.  I could just melt into that color.

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