Kind Aesthetic's community, upward!

This was an important year for Kind Aesthetic. Not only because we started a business that has made us proud, worked with inspiring clients and partners, and nourished our art practices, but because of the upward momentum we feel due to the most important force: community. We love to plan ahead, and we see 2014 opening its doors to more ways to work with one another– including a whole new, better-than-ever series of DELVE Networking events,  starting with the first event on January 24th at the Textile Arts Center in Manhattan. We hope you'll join us!

Our studio is located on a floor that is home to creatives of all sorts. Our neighbors also own their own businesses and spend their days doing amazing things like sawing away in woodshops, crafting gorgeous scents, building impressive art out of Legos, and creating custom stuffed animals. In addition, artists, including us, work diligently and intensely in their studios. This white-walled hallway with its creaky old wooden warehouse floors is in a giant building in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. Below us is a warehouse that smells of Wonderbread and above us the subway rumbles on the highest elevated track in the world.

The Kentile Floor sign from our studio

The Kentile Floor sign from our studio

Elevated subway shadows, from  our Tumblr

Elevated subway shadows, from our Tumblr

Our spot is a small portion of the intense neighborhood that is home to over 700 artists (and that is a low estimate), important arts organizations, crooked trees, orange cones, amazing light and shadows, and the best pie in town. The Gowanus canal lurks grossly in its own curious situation, waiting to be supercleaned and scaring us all in the mean time. But around its murky waters change looms and we are closely paying attention to the swift developments and changing patterns of living and working. It’s an important place to many people and we’d like to see it nourished, just like Lucey’s Lounge nourishes it’s patrons with lovely cocktails and Build it Green fortifies its customers with amazing mantles and all the toilets you could ask for.

Brave Canoers in the Gowanus Canal, from  our Tumblr

Brave Canoers in the Gowanus Canal, from our Tumblr

Gowanus minimalism, from  our Tumblr

Gowanus minimalism, from our Tumblr

And our neighborhood is part of the larger system of NEW YORK: hip Brooklyn, changing Queens, steady Manhattan, far away Staten Island, the beautiful Bronx. We love to escape upstate, to Philadelphia, to far-off lands and anywhere else we can go. And it’s through these travels by foot, subway, car, taxi, train and plane, that we have had the pleasure of meeting you, or will have the pleasure someday soon, and growing our network of people making and creating.

We are thrilled that 2014 will bring more of our community to and through our lives, and are wondering what you all have planned to nourish your creative lives and the community in which you work?  We hope that you will let us know your plans, and come along with us for the ride, either here in Brooklyn or virtually from far away.

Happy Holidays to you all, and best wishes for a productive and successful New Year!

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