Shows to See: January 2014

In New York it's cold one day, warm the next, rainy, then snowy. So we don't know what to expect! But we do know that the next month promises some good art to see, so we'll be weathering the storms out there. Here's a list of what to see in January:

Sarah Sze at Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, through April 6

The first solo exhibition of Polish Artist Agnieszka Kurant at the Sculpture Center, through January 27

One Trace After at Nurture Art through January 31st: "One Trace After investigates a question that traditional, tidy exhibition narratives rarely consider: what can the visitor of a gallery see, experience, or know at any given instant? Rather than suggesting a prescribed or definitive answer, this exhibition instead embraces the fact that a visitor can never fully take in an artwork or a group of artworks in a single viewing."

Martha Clippinger's work at Elizabeth Harris is all new and looks great.

Opening January 18th at Smack Mellon is work by Rob Hickman and Mónika Sziládi. 

Artists at Proteus Gowanus are exploring water in their exhibition up through March 16th.

BroLab at Freight and Volume through February 8th.

A promising group show, Merge Visible, at Horton Gallery through January 26th.

We are curious about seeing Christian Marclay's paintings at Paula Cooper before January 18th: "Torn from comic book pages, collaged, blown up and printed on canvas and paper, the onomatopoeias extend Marclayʼs investigation into the relationship between sound and image, sampling elements from art and popular culture. As in his music and video works, which splice together found recordings and film footage, the comic book sound effects are recontextualized in vibrant, dynamic compositions."

Shifting Space, a site-specific work by Kristin Svalbonas and Lisa Pressman opens at the ISE Cultural Foundation this Friday, January 10th.

And looking forward to seeing Josephine Halvorson's new paintings at Sikkema Jenkins, starting January 23rd.

Many big museum shows are ending soon including:

Christopher Wool at the Guggenheim, through January 22.

Mike Kelley at PS 1, through February 5.

Vermeer, Rembrandt and Hals at the Frick, through January 19.

Chris Burden at the New Museum, through January 12.

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