Five Alive- Krista Saunders and Jill Benson of Ground Floor Gallery

On today's Five Alive, where we ask people we admire five questions about their creative lives, we are featuring the two lovely, energetic owners of Ground Floor Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn: Krista Saunders and Jill Benson.

Krista Saunders

Krista Saunders

Jill Benson

Jill Benson

Ground Floor Gallery is a welcome addition to the New York area because it connects local, emerging artists to residents of Brooklyn and beyond through curated solo and group exhibitions of original, affordable art. Their welcoming space at 343 5th Street (off 5th Avenue) is the second project by these two long-time collaborators. They were behind the G-Train Salon, a roving curatorial platform of living-room exhibitions by emerging artists, all taking place off G-Train stops between Brooklyn and Queens from 2009-2012. Now their permanent gallery space is making it easy for everyday New Yorkers to buy great work for their spaces, as well as supporting talented artists. 

Take a glimpse into their worlds below, and be sure to stop by the gallery!

What is your favorite art making tool? 
‪Krista: Pen and paper! I love to take notes during studio/gallery/museum visits or anytime I have an idea about a cool show to curate.

Jill: For curating, Open Studios are the best for seeing as many new artist's work at once. I am always amazed by the diversity. Sometimes one artist will stand out, and we will work a show around them.

What music/band/artist are you listening to the most right now?
Krista: Sade. Eminem.

Jill: I'm into contemporary Indian and 'Radio Paradise' online radio out of California.

‪Where do you go for peace and quiet?
Krista: A museum.  If I’m in Florida, my parents’ house.

Jill: A run in Prospect Park. The Catskills.

Where is your next dream travel destination?
Krista: Back to Turkey or an African safari.

Jill: A riad in Morocco and the desert.

Is there a color or palette that you are drawn to?
Jill: I am really drawn to blacks and grays because I find it so interesting to see how artists find texture within those confines of color. But I really love all color!

Krista: Definitely.  I find that I love to mix coral and gray. Gray is my favorite color and best with a bright accompaniment.  And like Jill, I really love all colors!

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