Dream Big: DELVE Workshops for Artists

On April 13th, we here at Kind Aesthetic hosted our first DELVE Workshop for working artists, in partnership with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. We spent the day in Karen Rosenkrantz and Sophie Staerk's gorgeous Chelsea studio and covered a myriad of topics, resources and ideas to help inspire our attendees breathe new life into how they communicate their art practices with the world.


You might notice that these workshops have the same name as our networking events that we host around the NYC area: DELVE. Both platforms do just what the name says: we jump in, explore and dig deep. We consider it similar to taking a spa day/hike/retreat/intervention for your art practice, which has to include a good lunch.

These workshops operate with the idea that everyone involved has a growing body of art work that they want to get out into the world in a variety of different formats, whether it be showing in exhibitions, getting a grant to work on a project or by finally updating a website. Do you suck at time management but are great at making connections? Do you really want to apply for art residencies but can't make the deadlines? Are you finally happy with your artist statement and can help other people get there? Every artist has their own set of skills, needs, fortes and dreams. And that is why all together, through networking and taking time with one another's work, we can help answer questions that might seem daunting when approached during solitary studio time.

During the course of the day, we covered many necessary topics: documenting one's work; where to find and how to create exhibition opportunities; the ins and outs of email etiquette;  legal issues–contracts and copyrights, anyone?; building websites that look good and are easy to update; creating and maintaining relationships that will help serve you well; taking the fear and loathing out of artist statements; filing receipts and doing taxes; self-promotion; budgeting for life and grant applications; and more. We got real, we got detailed, we had fun and we all learned from each other. We sent everyone home with a lot of information that will aid them over time.



We were really happy to have had Julie Lohnes, the Director of A.I.R Gallery, join us to share her experiences and advice about the art world, and give feedback on everyone's portfolios. Julie's path as an artist-turned-gallery director and curator is really inspiring. It was wonderful to be in the presence of a person who loves what artists do and can celebrate their work by creating exhibitions and sharing knowledge.


We are so thankful to have met and worked with a wonderful group of artists. If you're interested in joining us for our next workshop, please be sure to email us or sign up for our monthly newsletter below.  Feel free to let us know what kind of topics you'd like to explore.


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