Taking Leaps at 3rd Ward, Delve Networking #2


On Tuesday, April 23, we were happy to host our second DELVE Networking event at 3rd Ward in Bushwick, Brooklyn. If you’re not familiar with 3rd Ward, it has become a staple for New York City creatives and freelancers. You can take classes and workshops on almost anything (urban gardening to oil painting to business development), and their new event space often hosts free events such as ours. This place offers a way to engage with a creative community around Brooklyn.

Our DELVE events are ways for creative individuals to show up to a fun spot, hear some inspiring speakers, have some drinks and meet others. We were so happy to meet so many new faces. The night started off with some presentations by our guest speakers: Molly DilworthRob deOude, Enrico Gomez, and Dan Teran. Each person offered new insight into the art world and their personal paths but a few currents connected their disparate projects: taking risks and creating community.

Molly Dilworth is an artist who started painting rooftops around New York for the Google Earth Satellites in 2009, all with donated and free materials. After winning a competition, her vision on rooftops translated to the ground when she painted Times Square in New York City. By taking us through her recent history of the past ten years or so, Molly spelled out the trajectory of how she got into making such massive public works. Her work is really inspiring and her latest piece is open now at the James Hotel in Soho on permanent display!


Dan Teran, the creative director at Artsicle, told us about how he got involved with the contemporary art world, having come from a law background. Through friends and following his interests, he found himself shaping the growth of an important new venture. Artsicle has handpicked hundreds of New York based artists to rent and sell their work online, forgoing the traditional gallery model. They help artists find buyers who want to have work hanging in their homes or offices. This is all original work that helps support the artists directly. Dan also announced some new steps for Artsicle coming up, where artists will be able to build their own sites for selling their work and they will extend outside of New York.

Rob de Oude and Enrico Gomez have both been in the Williamsburg/Bushwick area for a number of years. Both talented artists, they walked us through the formation of Camel Arts Space, now closed, in Williamsburg to the creation of  Parallel Art Spacein Bushwick. By asking friends and acquaintances to show work that they liked, they created an active, alternative exhibition space. As they said, it took a lot of hard work and asking the artists who were showing work to take leaps of faith with them. After running into landlord and building issues in the former building that housed Camel Art Space, they moved to the famous Troutman building in Bushwick where they have now created Parallel Art Space. Enrico and Rob had a lot more control in building the gallery space they wanted, in addition to keeping their own studio spaces in an adjacent room. Their current, and first solo, exhibition is by an artist whom they fervently admire. By taking the steps to show what they think is important and worthwhile, they create opportunities for other artists to show work, meet each other, add value to the art world in Brooklyn and beyond, and create a dialog that is all about the work.

And what last Tuesday’s event showed us, it is all about the work and creating community. Check out photos below!

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