The most delicious strawberry of them all....

Many of you have probably seen posts or articles about this mysterious and tasty Marshall Strawberry and are wondering what it's all about. Here is the beautiful story.


Leah Gauthier, a very talented artist/farmer, works with live plants, agriculture and food in her art work.  Over five years ago, she discovered that the Marshall strawberry—once deemed by James Beard, the father of American gastronomy, as the tastiest berry ever grown–was on Slow Foods most endangered foods list. Interested in assuring that our future generations have a diverse food supply and a healthy planet, she received one of only three runners left of this American treasure. She began to grow the Marshall, and this amazing berry did not disappoint. Now she has hundreds of plants and wants people across America to join her in raising Marshall plants in their gardens – urban or traditional – to enjoy truly local eating and to be part of a movement to save endangered plants that are vanishing, or have vanished,  from our food supply.

So yes: you can buy the Marshall Strawberry!
Who doesn't want to taste a ripe, delicious berry right off the vine in their own backyard or on their very own fire escape?

They are available for purchase via her on-line pop-up shop and will be sold at the Brooklyn Flea March 16 +17, 2013. 


Marshalls are very rare and easy to grow. Each plant comes as a numbered limited edition in its very own hand-sewn container.

Kind Aesthetic has helped Leah to simultaneously educate people across the United States about this meaningful project, and also to give a deeper meaning and reach to her art work. We are proud to be working with her to cultivate the Marshall (pun intended) and thanks to all the amazing people who have purchased Marshalls and who have written thought-provoking pieces.

Spread the word by buying a plant for yourself or a friend, or sharing the pop-up shop on your chosen social media platform! All of the proceeds are going to help Leah find a permanent home for a huge Marshall strawberry patch someday soon, where visitors can go at harvest time and smell the sweet berry breeze.


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