A new home for Van Alen Institute in Manhattan

We here at Kind Aesthetic have been working on an exciting project with the Van Alen Institute in New York City, called Ground/Work

Thanks to a popular international design competition earlier this year, the inside of their ground floor space at 30 West 22nd Street in Manhattan will boast a newly designed home in 2014. For the past two years, this space has been home to the iconic yellow steps of Van Alen Books designed by LOT-EK, a space solely dedicated design and architecture publications. Next year, the entire (fabulous) staff will move downstairs in order to have a stronger connection to the public, and all future events, exhibitions and the daily life of the Institute will exist in a new, flexible space.

Photo courtesy of Van Alen Institute

Photo courtesy of Van Alen Institute

The winner will be announced in a few days! If you want to witness the construction along the way, check into their Ground/Work website periodically to see the space transform. Sign up for their mailing list to be introduced to the architects who imagined their new space, and to stay posted on future events there. It will certainly be a hotspot for discussion and events that you won't want to miss.

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