October's shows

October 3-5: BRIC opens in downtown Brooklyn! There are 3 days of free programs to celebrate the opening of their new facilities on Fulton Street, which include a flexible performance space, a 3,000 square foot gallery, artist studios, a public access TV center, a cafe, and much more!

Through October 13: Cary Liebowitz at Invisible Exports

Installation view of  Julian Pretto Gallery  at Minus Space, courtesy of  Minus Space

Installation view of Julian Pretto Gallery at Minus Space, courtesy of Minus Space

Through October 26: Julian Pretto Gallery: Historical works by 45 artists at Minus Space.  Julian Pretto ran many galleries in New York from the 1970s-1990s. He died of AIDS in 1995. "He put a lot of art into circulation and helped dozens of artists. Some scored big; others are all but forgotten. Many of the names in the show are likely to be unfamiliar. Let’s hope plenty of artists—and dealers—stop by and pick up on some of the rich material that he championed." –Gallerist (review by Andrew Russeth)

October 19: Between the Door and the Street  by Suzanne Lacey and Creative Time: "On October 19, some 300 women and a few men–all selected to represent a cross-section of ages, backgrounds, and perspectives–will gather on the stoops along a residential street in Brooklyn, where they will engage in unscripted conversations about a variety of issues related to gender politics today. Wander among the groups, listen to what they are saying, and form your own opinions!" 

Opens October 2: Chris Burden: Extreme Measures at the New Museum, the first New York survey of the performance artist-turned-sculptor's work.

Interwoven Globe: The Worldwide Textile Trade, 1500-1800, at the Metropolitan Museum, not only promises to be a display of dazzling patterns and textures, but also is a great example of contextualizing a museum's collection: be prepared for a fascinating history lesson.

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