Opening your work space for visitors

Gowanus Open Studios is October 19 and 20th in Brooklyn, and we are very excited to be participating. The Kind Aesthetic studio is a hub and a haven. This is where we work, have meetings, eat lunch, and make art work. We are happy to open our space and our individual art practices to the public, and we wanted to share how we are preparing. Even if you're not having an artist open studio, this is helpful for any small business or organization's open house.

Sara Jones, detail:  It Was There,  acrylic and thread on canvas, 2013     

Sara Jones, detail: It Was There, acrylic and thread on canvas, 2013


Andrea Wenglowskyj , I ran back for you , archival digital print,  20x28", 2012

Andrea Wenglowskyj, I ran back for you, archival digital print,  20x28", 2012

Artwork: What are we showing and what do we still need to make before October 19th?  Does anything need to be framed or finished? Time to plan some extra studio time.

Pricing: Will there be artwork for sale and how much will it cost? Better make sure to have a price list handy and make any signage in case it gets busy. And maybe it makes sense to have something smaller and cheaper for sale that everyone might want to take home.

Accepting payments : Cash, check or charge? We each need to get our Square ready and do we have sales tax all figured out? Don't forget that people might want a receipt.

The space: Let's make a clean up plan to make sure the space looks neat and inviting, add some extra chairs if we have room, and don't leave any valuables out for the taking. Plus, let's make sure we have music, the temperature can be regulated and the lighting is great.

Takeaways:  Remember to have some postcards with our websites and contact info on them as free takeaways, as well as some business cards out and available. We will   leave a mailing list out for people to sign, as well.

Refreshments:  Snacks, water, drinks.... and anything else sound good? We don't have to spend a fortune for it to look and taste great. 

Signage:  Assure that there is clear, large signage outside of the building leading straight to the studio on the day of. 

Maps and Communication: We'll leave out maps so people can visit other studios, and we will be sure to email all our lists at least two weeks before about the upcoming event with all of the pertinent information, including how to get there, since it can be confusing. Don't forget to remind everyone a few days before hand. We'll also be sharing the event via social media. In this case, Gowanus Open Studios has us making Artsicle pages so visitors can use them as a guide on their visit.

Conversation: Make sure to have some talking points ready about our work so we can engage the public with some meaningful conversation.  

Rest: Both days will be really long day and fun, so we'd better plan to get some beauty sleep.


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