Friday Links–January 3

This month is all about FABRIC(ATION) leading up to our DELVE Networking event on January 24th at Textile Arts Center in Manhattan.

Networking is vital, and more important than you think.

The documentary My Brooklyn  will be aired on PBS on January 14, and there will be 30 days of free streaming.

Don't forget: lots of big museum shows are closing this month, including:

Chris Burden at the New Museum, through January 12 and Robert Indiana at the Whitney, through January 5.

Two fun things to look at and consider wearing:

A girdle book, attached to your girdle or belt; or look more powerful in these scarves by Miranda July. 

Where are people in America going? To other states

And we're still catching up on some best of 2013 lists, including this one at Frieze. 

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