Side projects & grounded optimism with Tina Roth Eisenberg

"I believe in labors of love."- Tina Roth Eisenberg

If you are interested in being 100% inspired and learning about the amazing person behind the Swiss Miss blog, Creative Mornings, Tattly Tattoos, and Studiomates, look no further. It's all in this video that left us giddy with excitement knowing that there are such talented, productive, community-minded folks around us. Tina Roth Eisenberg is a great role model for creative entrepreneurs.

As visual artists, Sara and I (Andrea) have always thrived on side projects, which Eisenberg focuses on in her talk. Upon moving to New York City after getting our MFAs we desired a community that we left behind at school, so we started an artist collective, 3-artwith our friend, Leah Gauthier. In 2008 and 2009 we curated Windows Brooklyn while working full-time jobs. For this exhibition we curated site-specific artist installations into storefront windows. You can see all of the details below in our case study.

Through Windows Brooklyn we created real-time community, met fellow artists, established a viable opportunity for artists to show their work in an alternative space, and assured that contemporary art had a place in real life context. We still work with artists from these exhibitions and this in turn led to more projects together, such as our current traveling art show, Made to Move.

Looking back on Windows Brooklyn, the best takeaway is that we dove right in and didn't look back. As Eisenberg talks about in her video, there is never a perfect time to start on your dream project, you just have to do it. Working on something that truly interests you, even if it's late at night after busy days or during an "inopportune" time, will create the chance to make yourself happy and more productive. 

And we have to say, using Eiseberg's Teuxdeux app helps us along our path of being as productive and creative as possible, while having a pretty fantastic time doing it.

ps. Get some Tattly!


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