3 Steps to Writing Your Unique Professional Story

The amazing clients we work with usually have one major goal: to put their best, most beautiful work out into the world in a way that engages and wows their intended audience. We help them shine

It's a fun, challenging, and eye-opening process that involves a lot of conversation. In order for us to best showcase the work of a maker (i.e. an interior designer, a musician, a visual artist, a fashion designer) or of a creative organization's project (i.e. an exhibition, a design competition or an event) we need to dig deep in order to understand your process and mission to tell your best, most unique story that people can relate to and remember. 

Here are some astoundingly simple questions to get you started thinking about how to tell your own professional story that will assure you stand out from the crowd. Don't be fooled by their simplicity, though. They require focus, an open mind, and letting go of any frustrations you have about your work. It's an exercise in revealing what is there. 

Give yourself a couple of hours to really dig in deep. Just write. 

Be very, very specific. Sit in front of your work and describe in it incredible detail. If you offer services, write out exactly how you work with your clients. Sometimes, it will be easier to do this for specific projects instead of all of your work at once. Pick some successful examples of what you do and write it all out. 

Now that you have some written language about the nuts and bolts of what you actually make or do, let's get more conceptual. What drives the work you do? Why did you start making it in the first place? What gets you inspired to do it? Only you know the answers to these questions, so let it all out. 

Who has commented on your work, interacted with it, enjoyed it, critiqued it, purchased it, recommended it, or told someone else about it? It can be a story about one or two people, or five hundred. Who do you want to reach with your work?

Once you've finished working through these questions, take a break and come back to all of this. Chances are, your own personal path in your profession are very different from your peers. Own this story and use it! It will lead to wonderful copy for your marketing materials, powerful images and a very clear identity. Good luck!

Interested in getting some help with assuring you feel good about the marketing materials that support your creative and artistic endeavors? Reach out with an email and let us know. We can take it from there. That one email might allow you the amazing opportunity to focus on your work, instead of feeling uneasy that you're not representing it in the best possible way.

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