How to stay motivated over the holidays

Train, car and air travel await many of us as we set off to see our families for the holidays. It's a well-deserved time to take a break, cherish time with loved ones and reflect on the year. So, don't forget to take a breath and do that! If you are looking forward to the break to get some extra time away from work or school, but are disappointed that you won't be able to be physically in your studio or work space, there are many ways to keep working, thinking, and making progress.

1) Write. Bring your journal or studio notes with you and take around 30 minutes a day to write about your work. It can be free form writing about your practice, ideas for new projects, product descriptions, or maybe it's time to attack that artist statement.

2)  Busy work. Are there components of your practice that don't require much attention and are easily transportable? Bring them with you! Travel, sitting around watching family friendly movies, and quiet time after big meals are perfect moments to keep your hands busy and make progress on some projects.

3) Read. Though it may be tempting to only catch up on Serial podcasts during travel, you can find some great time to dig into some books that inform your practice. 

4. Plan. Love making lists? Start taking a hard look at your schedule for the new year and set some new goals. You'll be major steps ahead of everyone else come 2015.

5. Talk about it. Tell your family and friends about what you do. Practice your pitch about your art practice or new creative endeavor. It's a great way to get better and telling your unique story and everyone will be excited to hear about it.

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