Talking about your work with family

If any of you have ever taken a DELVE Workshop, you know that we like to emphasize that telling your unique story as an artist or creative is one of the most important things you can practice. And from leading the DELVE Workshops, we understand that for most of you, speaking in public about your work is one of your least favorite things to do. But you do it anyway, because clearly talking about what you do can open up new doors and opportunities!

But now comes the time of year when we all see family and friends and are constantly asked: "Now tell me, you unique artist, you, what are you up to these days?" Joy.


Whether it's your Chardonnay-infused aunt, your inquisitive niece, your intimidatingly successful cousin, or your probing mother, your pitch about your art work or creative business should be clear and make sense. So, when you have 30 minutes of travel time get these three things in order and you should be prepared for even the most awkward of family encounters:

1) Visuals. Have some images of your work at the ready on your phone or tablet that you carry with you. Showing what you do is a lot easier and may prevent you from going on a long winded conceptual rant.

2) Answer these three questions for yourself: What does my work look like? What is my work about? How do I make my work? Jot down the answers to these questions as if in conversation, memorize some good lines and have them ready.

3) Be casual, be passionate, be light. Though your work can give you existential worries, or your creative business clients are keeping you up at night, set that aside as best you can and concentrate on your past accomplishments this year, upcoming events and future goals. This will give you the opportunity to reflect on all you've done and have some handy examples at the ready if anyone wants to know.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Don't forget our DELVE Toolkit sale is going strong through 12/31. Be sure to take advantage of it!

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