We are excited to being the exploration of The Moving Image + Art over the next couple of months, in anticipation of our upcoming DELVE event. (Details will be announced very soon!)


To us, the concept of the moving image in contemporary art can be both simple and complex. It can be: narrative cinema, animation, constructed from photographic stills, a record of time passing, hand-drawn, experimental, on vimeo, uploaded to youtube, projected, viewer activated, in a film festival, on film, made digitally, video art, a documentary, an instagram video, made with light, the inspiration for drawing or sculpture, part of a social construct, a short, made on super 8, a passage of time, a recording of a performance, and much more.

We want to dive in deeper than just being a passive viewer. How the moving image exists on and off a screen, within different mediums, and as a context for social interactions will be jumping off point for a fascinating conversation.

We'd love your insight. Share amazing projects with us that we can feature and talk about. Open up our worlds to what time-based projects move you by emailing us or tagging #delvemovingimage on Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter

In the meantime, let's start off with a classic.

A 'solid-light' film by Anthony McCall. This film captures a recent presentation of Anthony McCall's ground-breaking 1973 work, Line Describing a Cone. Testing the boundaries between cinema and sculpture, the work takes the form of a projected white dot that slowly grows to fill the dark space with a cone of light, immersing audience members in its field, to mesmerising effect.
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