Five Alive: Traci Talasco

A detail of  Tread Carefully , an installation by Traci Talasco

A detail of Tread Carefully, an installation by Traci Talasco

On today's Five Alive, where we ask people we admire five questions about their creative lives, we are happy to be featuring Traci Talasco.  Her sculptures and installations focus on the psychology of home, in a humorous way. Sections of walls, floors, and interior spaces are used as a stage to make simple, every day acts unnecessarily complicated or absurd. The works are participatory, inviting the viewer to physically engage with them in different ways. Talasco’s solo exhibitions include Art Space, New Haven, CT 2007; and McGrath Galleries, NYC, 2003. Select group exhibitions include Architecture Institute of Madrid, Madrid Spain 2013; BRIC Media Arts Center, Rotunda Gallery, NYC 2011; Art in Odd Places, NYC 2009; Locust Projects, FL, 2009; Harvestworks, NYC 2008; Kiana Malekzadeh Gallery NYC 2006; Tilt Gallery + Project Space, OR 2006, and the Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC 2003 (AIM program). She was also an artist-in-residence at CUE Art Foundation, NYC, 2006.

She will have a solo exhibition at the Brooklyn Arts Council, “Rub Me the Wrong Way”, opening in Sept. 2014. The gallery will be transformed into a home environment made entirely out of sandpaper, which will wear down over time as viewers walk through the space.

Traci Talasco

Traci Talasco

What is your favorite art making tool? (in what ever you consider your art to be: visual, writing, music, etc. )

My hands. I love the physical process of building and constructing things. I am attracted to various home construction materials and decorative elements for their visual and tactile qualities, and the emotions they evoke. Wood grain patterns, the stripes of hardwood flooring, the softness of carpeting, the roughness of sandpaper, and the flat lush quality of paint chip samples are all things that excite me.

What music/band/artist are you listening to the most right now?

Coney Island

Coney Island

I'm a little obsessed with Justin Timberlake right now. And I'm not even a teenaged girl. I also listen to a lot of Bjork and Lorde in the studio.

‪Where do you go for peace and quiet?

My favorite place is the beach. We live in Brooklyn, a short subway ride away from Coney Island, and if you go early in the morning, you have the whole beach to yourself. There is something so relaxing and restful about the motion and the sound of the waves.  I take walks there year round, and I just love it.  I also meditate daily, which helps clear my mind and keep me grounded. 

Where is your next dream travel destination?

Its so hard to pick one. Internationally, the top of my list is Morroco, China, Peru, (Machu Pichu), and Greece. But there are many places in the US that I haven't seen and would love to, like the red rock formations in Sedona, AZ, Yellowstone National Park, and Taos, New Mexico.

Is there a color or palette that you are drawn to?

I like inserting bright pops of color into my architectural installations.  I use orange, yellow, blue, and green, but not in combination with each other. 

detail of  Making Waves , an installation by Traci Talasco

detail of Making Waves, an installation by Traci Talasco

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