Weekly Links- February 28

We are seeing Gowanus everywhere, and this NY Times article proves that there are many groups invested in its future.

DELVE Networking Moving Image + Art is coming up March 17th! Meet our speakers Ariel Jackson and Sarah G. Sharp!

Exploring net art, since it's often decontextualized. 

Learn about the New Museum's New, Inc art and technology incubator. 

The Olympics are over but what is going to happen to all of the architecture in Sochi?

Via Rhizome's 'The Download' project you can download amazing digital works for free. Get into it.

Here is some work made in Poland by Christian Jankowski. It's absurd and funny, which brings some levity to all of the news coming from Eastern Europe and Russia right now.

A still from Christian Jankowski's  Heavy Weight History.  Sourced from Nowness.com

A still from Christian Jankowski's Heavy Weight History. Sourced from Nowness.com

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