Friday Links- April 25

A view from the world of Shannon Rankin, on Five Alive.

A view from the world of Shannon Rankin, on Five Alive.

Have you read about artist Shannon Rankin's inspirations, making work in the peaceful country yet? You can do so here.

Sunset Park Open Studios are this weekend! It's amazing to see what's behind all of the closed doors in the giant buildings in Brooklyn. There is also amazing food to be found. It's a win/win.

Speaking of food, the Umami Festival is also this weekend. Food, art, music- all of the events look fabulous, especially opening night tonight!


An awesome opportunity for artists in May: we are partnering with Arts Gowanus to host some really productive, hands-on workshops to make progress on your artist statement, talking about your work and your artist website. Three powerful tools that always need to be better. Get tickets here.

The World's Fair fifty years ago in Queens was such a fascinating experiment. Check out these articles about the inventions and actually now being able to enter Philip Johnson's New York State Pavilion.

Thirsty? Check out this participatory curatorial project out of Parsons: thirstlab.

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