DELVE Interview-Sabrina Dridje

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We're happy to have had the chance to get to know Sabrina Dridje, who is the Community Manager at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP—a newly opened 20,000 square foot space in DUMBO which is building a community of people and companies working at the intersection of Story + Tech.  Sabrina worked in film sales and distribution for Hanway Films in London before going on to produce and production-manage an eclectic mix of creative work. Previous projects include the Open City Documentary Film Festival, immersive theater experiences and the Alpha-ville Festival—an event and organization that connects art, technology, design and digital culture. She was also one of the producers for London’s Stellar Network, facilitating connections between creatives from across disciplines.

The Made in NY Media Center

The Made in NY Media Center

Sabrina Dridje

Sabrina Dridje

Can you describe a day, or week, in your professional life?

 As the Community Manager of the space, I look after our internal community (members working from our space) and cultivate external relationships in the larger innovation and creative communities in New York.

A typical week will involve a consultation or two with current members to assess what resources they need to grow their company—I really enjoy these moments and am lucky to be surrounded by inspirational people on a daily basis. I attend many events in the city, from tech Meet-Ups to tradeshows (come say hello if you are attending Internet Week!). These are often exploratory endeavors to better understand the needs of the creatives and companies we serve, as well as to meet potential new members.

Our partnerships are also an integral part of community engagement, and the team here will often meet with current and potential partners to strategize how we can best collaborate and implement programs that will inspire, teach and, most importantly, bring people together.

What is your favorite project that you've worked on (or are excited about working on)?

We are fast approaching our inaugural Demo Day— a flagship event for us and the companies within our Incubator Program. Taking place on May 7, our selected Incubator teams will have a chance to present themselves to a room of investors, brands, agencies and press.

Ahead of the day, the process has involved pairing companies with mentors and leading creative agencies, to guide and assist the preparation of their Demo Day pitches.

It’s been a rewarding experience to build this knowledge share ecosystem and to see the value and impact it has— it’s deeply inspiring to see what is possible when the creative and entrepreneurial communities collaborate and support each other.

What's the most valuable lesson you've learned from managing all of your projects?

Have the best team for the job: the expertise and dedication to a shared mission.

And finally, where is one of your favorite places to go to be inspired?

Planes, trains and automobiles (and sometimes boats).

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