KA Quarterly- Volume 1, Spring 2014 – THINK SPRING!

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What exactly is the KA Quarterly? It's an online journal published by Kind Aesthetic that comes out four times a year and is inspired by the season. As those of you reading from New York know, it hasn't been a decadent spring, to say the least. The collective longing we have for the weather to turn, had us dreaming of work by some of our favorite artists. The visual art, accompanied by the playlist we shared, allows us an escape to the those still moments of blissful springtime observation that await us.

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Since the sun’s voyage over the equator during the vernal equinox, subtle bursts, pops of color, and growth begin to infiltrate our once gray landscape. New sources of visual and physical warmth stir and awaken us, bringing our attention to new kinds of materiality (sheer layers, uncommon forms and soft petals), bright outlooks (startling juxtapositions, optimism and cleverness), and the longing for color as we await the burning of the summer sun. The work of artists Hidemi Takagi, Parsley Steinweiss, Megan Hays, Danielle Mysliwiec and Bernie DeChant engages with the subtle exhilaration that is in primal partnership with this annual seasonal renewal.

Screen 1, 2012, digital print by  Parsley Steinweiss

Screen 1, 2012, digital print by Parsley Steinweiss

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