DELVE into Collaborative art spaces: Glasshouse

The DELVE Networking event Collaboratives + Art is Thursday, May 22 at 7pm!  Get tickets here!  We are very excited to share some inspiring artist-run spaces around New York City.

Glasshouse is the art-life-lab of collaborating artists Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry, hosting artistic practices that are based on performance, participatory and time based art in the domestic sphere.  Glasshouse in Williamsburg hosts performances, screenings, workshops, a residency program and special events, all dedicated to promote deeper understanding of performative practices and social discourse. Events are open to the public.

Their newest initiative is WORKsPACE, an affordable co-working space for freelance thinkers and makers who seek a productive working environment that stimulates their processes. Freelancers are encouraged to work in a space with twelve artists that will rotate through every month, blending the idea of collaboration not just in art practice but also with administrative practice. The following questions drive the project:

+ What could a productive environment mean for an artist and maker in Brooklyn of 2014?
+ How can we support and be present for each other and still get our individual stuff done?
+ What is the relation between being inspired and staying focused?
+ What is the nature of a sustainable daily practice?

We love this idea of allowing independent workers a creative environment along with comfort, sharing of ideas, and figuring out the balance of energy needed to sustain ourselves in the city.

Images from the Glasshouse  website

Images from the Glasshouse website

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