DELVE into Collaborative Art Spaces: Parallel Art Space

The DELVE Networking event Collaboratives + Art is Thursday, May 22 at 7pm!  Get tickets here!  We are very excited to share the first of a series of short interviews with some collaborative artist-run spaces around New York City.

Parallel Art Space is a gallery in the Bushwick/Ridgewood neighborhood and is run by two artists, Enrico Gomez and Rob de Oude. Enrico shared some history and insight with us below. Thanks, Enrico!

Can you briefly describe the history of starting Parallel Art Space to where you are today?  

My business partner Rob de Oude and myself both maintained separate studios in a large, studio facility industrial building at Graham Avenue & Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn from 2002 -20012. In 2008 the market turn that closed so many galleries in Chelsea also started a conversation within our studio facilities about whether we could start and maintain an art space within the large common space/hallway that all of the studios shared. Thus, the beginning of Camel Art Space, a collectively artist-run art space that, in just under 3 years, hosted just over 30 shows and exhibited over 160 artists – all with little to no budget. In 2011 structural integrity issues with our building led us to look elsewhere for space, and in April of 2012 we re-opened as Parallel Art Space in our current location at 17-17 Troutman St.

What do you think sets your space apart from other galleries? 

Our programming tends to have a strong formalist bend and to be rooted in art historical concerns. In this way, there is a built-in educational component that tends to expand upon thematic ideas within the art world and makes for engaging viewing and stimulating conversation! We tend to pull from all over the career spectrum as well, combining seasoned talent with emerging talent and showcasing as many local artists as possible. 

Parallel's next show, Off Line On Mark, opens on May 24th and showcases 7 artists– local, out of state & international – who were selected based on a chance photograph that was taken at a previous Parallel Art Space event.  The show features artwork by Alain Biltereyst, Katrin Bremermann, Erin Lawlor, Lael Marshall, Don Voisine, Michael Voss, Douglas Witmer and will open on Saturday May 24th and run through June 22nd. Go see it!!

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