Step away from your computer! Network in person.

We all spend a lot of time looking at screens. Screens are part of our workdays, connecting on social media, reading the news, sharing information. They are our best friends and sometimes our worst enemies. But there really is no better way to connect and meet people than a good old fashioned face-to-face. (A phone call comes in at a close second.) 

This great article on the Etsy blogTop Tips for Building a Creative Network by Casey Sibley, has a lot of great information in it. One of the key take-aways is this:

You may be hesitant to put yourself out there before you feel ready, or before you’ve perfected [your] product. When I started my business, I was terrified to tell people about it, fearful that they would think I was a total weirdo for wanting to start a creative business. But networking in person early and often will help build your confidence. Over time, I’ve found that most people are very supportive, and often admire that I am pursuing something that I love to do.

We often work with creative entrepreneurs who work alone, or in a small team, and a new business venture or even a new product needs moral support to take off, as well as financial support, a clear voice and strong visuals. Explaining your goals in person is often most effective, and doing so will help light that fire to move forward. And yes, if you are making a transition from a 9-5 corporate environment to a creative business, it can feel very, very weird. So there's no better way than to start getting your idea out there in the world to see how it sticks. It sounds scary and kind of annoying, but always ultimately fun. That's networking.

Wanting to give people the opportunity to meet in person is one of the many reasons we started DELVE Networking events around New York City. Our next one is July 22nd in Dumbo at Made in NY IFP Media Center and we'll be exploring Food + Art. We'll be sharing more about it soon, but get your tickets now before it's too late. Some amazing speakers are lined up and we can't wait to spend the evening with you! Summer's a great time to start sharing your new products, projects and business ideas with friends and like-minded people in person– the energy is high and the nights are long. And if you want want to chat about telling your story in the most clear and compelling way with stunning visuals, say hello.

See you on July 22nd in Dumbo and feel free to leave your favorite networking tips and insights below!

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