Air out all your fear and doubts in the summer air

Whether you're a visual artist, entrepreneur, designer, freelancer, musician—anything!—creative endeavors are often pursued alone, and we definitely need that time to concentrate, practice, and create. It's golden. The flipside to working alone is feeling isolated, which can happen easily as we toil away at our crafts day after day. 

We love the Biz Ladies posts from Design*sponge, especially this one written by Grace Bonney. They tackle fundamental aspects of running a creative business, and they can apply to artists as well as well as be helpful for both ladies and gents.

The point that we want to expose from this particular article isn't new, but it is really great to be reminded of: "air out all of your fears and doubts...and seek trusted council." 

When we work with clients via the DELVE Toolkit For Artists + Creatives–or help them create a new brand voice, identity and powerful presence online, in writing, and in person–one of the first things we do is sit down and talk and air it all out. In this case, we become the trusted council and build up a productive dialog and collaboration with our clients, but it can also be as simple as:

  • asking a good friend to be your accountability buddy and meeting once a week
  • having someone over for a studio visit to talk through new projects
  • writing down all of those pesky doubts–since once they're on paper they lose some of the emotion and worry attached to them in our heads

What's that one thing bugging you today? Air it out and find a way to tackle it– it will feel amazing. Have a bigger project to tackle? Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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