DELVE Networking- May 22 Collaboratives + Art


On May 22 we hosted an intimate, inspiring evening of DELVE Networking at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (TSA) New York in Bushwick. Though we here at Kind Aesthetic are based in Gowanus– a neighborhood we love– we have been spending a lot of time in Buchwick lately since there are so many amazing things going on, especially with the recent Bushwick Open Studios 2014. Therefore, it was only fitting that both of our speakers, Alex Paik and Jason Andrew, talked a lot about the neighborhood and how it's grown, in addition to how their own collaborations are an integral and important part of their lives. It was great to be surrounded by the beautiful work of Vince Contarino and bask in the idea of always saying yes, and making opportunities and art happen.

Alex Paik told us about his move to New York and how he jumped right into the Bushwick scene because it felt familiar; Philadelphia is also full of artist collectives working together, making opportunities to show art work, and creating a unique scene. He also described how all of the artists at TSA met, function together as curators, as well as how all of the administrative work gets done efficiently and fairly. Each member of TSA curates their own shows in order to push a curatorial version far, instead of relying on a perhaps watered down version that stems from a group trying to agree on something. Another advantage of creating a collective gallery is that it can bring different social circles together and expand networks– we can look forward to a Los Angeles Tiger Strikes Asteroid opening soon. Read Alex's guest blog post here.

Jason Andrew always says yes. During his talk he led us down his interesting path of how Norte Maar started as an organization that promotes cross-diciplinary collaborations, not just visual art, to all of the Bushwick-focused events happening now. The organization was born in 2004 in the rural village of Rouses Point in upstate New York with Julia K. Gleich, where they created an international dance festival. In 2006 the focus of Norte Maar returned to Bushwick when Jason began curating shows in his living room, and started working with Arts in Bushwick to help fill in the void between the artist studio and the big gallery scene.  You have to watch the video above, where Jason describes a 1998 project by an artist who remixed the heartbeats of dancers which translated to a dance by ballerinas with whistles in their mouths, his evolving curatorial vision, and all of the amazing artists he has worked with. Read Jason's guest blog post here.

It was wonderful to see familiar faces and meet new ones. Thanks to Jason and Alex for being awesome. We hope to see you all at the next DELVE Networking event exploring Food + Art this summer! Sign up for our mailing list to be the first to know about it. 

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