How can you stand out from the crowd as an artist or creative?

During our DELVE Workshops or while working with clients one-on-one with our DELVE Toolkit, we often run into amazing people who are frustrated with answering the question "What do you do?" in social, high-pressure situations. As artists and creatives, we all occupy so many different roles in our lives, and sometimes we all need a little boost in seeing the big picture and allowing ourselves to stand out in our vibrant, saturated, creative communities. So we wanted to share a small example of an artist who stood out from the crowd.

We met an artist at an art opening. She had recently moved to New York from Florida, so we were talking about that, since it's a big life move. Sarah, my new acquaintance, impressed me when I asked her, "What kind of work do you make?" And she answered, "I am a sculptor who makes works from recycled materials, especially those small plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in." Immediately, I was intrigued, asked her more questions about her work, and made it a point to look at her website the next day. Turns out her work is very cool and had she just said, "I am a sculptor" the conversation might have drifted off to more social things, or perhaps ended. So, the point here, ladies and gents, is to be specific because each and everyone of us is incredibly unique. Make someone remember you. 

If you might want some assistance talking about what you do and need some perspective, a kick in the pants, or some help with organizing your creative endeavors, we can help with the DELVE Toolkit. Just email us and we can set up your free 20-minute call. 

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