Friday Links: July 25

We had a busy week, which included an amazing DELVE Food + Art event at the Made in NY Media Center on Tuesday. Thanks to all of you who made it out, and thanks again to all the artists who participated: Stefani Bardin, Emilie Baltz, James Collier and Michael J. Cirino. It was super inspiring and fun!

Emilie Baltz sharing her work at DELVE Food + Art

Emilie Baltz sharing her work at DELVE Food + Art

One of the participating artists, James Collier, shared a post on all the photographers who inspire him. Read it here.

The artist who first inspired us to think about Food + Art was Leah Gauthier. Read an interview about her newest project here.

Are you looking to give your emails more personality and meaning? Maybe you can have a stranger hand write them for you... (via Cash Studios)

There's a new book out that argues for the power of collaboration in creativity (and that many of the people we assume to be lone creative geniuses actually had a partner or two). Read more about it here. (via NPR)

When did floral centerpieces become a popular trend? It wasn't until after the start of the 19th century. Amy Azzarito writes an interesting article here. (via Chairs and Buildings)

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