The Marshall Strawberry Update

One of the first projects we worked on as Kind Aesthetic was with the artist Leah Gauthier to help her revive the Marshall strawberry, and launched our interest in food as a medium in art (which we'll be investigating further at our DELVE Networking Food + Art event on July 22nd--Get tickets here).

Leah is an intermedia and relational artist whose work explores food. In 2006 Leah learned about the Marshall Strawberry, which was once deemed by James Beard, the Father of American gastronomy, as the tastiest berry ever. More importantly it is an heirloom, juicy, delicate berry that became nearly extinct due to its incompatibility with modern industrialized agricultural practices started in the 1960s. She requested some runners from USDA Scientists in Corvallis, Oregon and by the start of 2013, she had single-handedly grown hundreds of Marshall Strawberry plants that were thriving.

She recently launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign to continue to grow the project. Here is a beautiful video she made that tells the whole story and gives an update on her plans for the project.

Interested in Food + Art? DELVE Networking is happening on July 22 in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Join us!

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