Bring your audience to you! The power of community.

We've had the pleasure of working with the multi-talented musician and all-around inspiring individual, Kate Schutt, over the past several months. In addition to being a soulful, talented performer, Kate has a lot to share with her world and her fans on her blog, where she write about her projects, musicians she admires, tips and thoughts about practicing and mastery, and more. Having her website as a hub is surely important for Kate to reach her fans as she is often on the go, but as a performer it's all about playing and sharing live and face-to-face. So, we were super excited when she played a house concert in NYC this past June with Newfoundland guitarist Duane Andrews.

Duane and Kate performing as The Fierce Dreamers.

Duane and Kate performing as The Fierce Dreamers.

The concert was beautiful, sounded great and was so much fun. Kate proved that bringing an audience to her was not only a way for her to perform and do the thing she loves, but it also affected her audience in an extremely positive way. She was able to:

-bring together a diverse group of people to share in a musical experience that we can all happily remember for years to come
-introduce her audience to other musicians we may not have heard of
-create a sense of community surrounding her art
-remind us that it's fun and exciting to take risks and learn new things
-have a fun party
-create her own unique opportunity that her fans could enjoy
-open up all of our minds to sounds, experiences, conversations and emotions we most likely would not have had on that lovely Saturday in June

So, the questions we ask you all are: How can you create your own opportunity to engage your community in what you do? How can you inspire through your creative abilities? It takes some planning and some hard work, but people like Kate can prove time and time again that it's all worth it and will bring you one step higher towards your goals each time.

Thanks for sharing with us, Kate!

This post was originally published on August 18th, 2014.

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