The power of side projects, the passion of doing

As a culture, we work a lot. Or we think we do. But are you working on the stuff that really matters to you?

We have the privilege of working with amazingly talented artists, creatives and small business owners who are, more often than not, strapped for time. We help you better message what you are doing to your ideal audience so that you can save time, be more effective in achieving your goals, and feel super confident about your work.

Sometimes, though, what you are truly passionate about takes the back burner because life gets in the way: day jobs, family, holidays, general busy-ness. At the end of the day, it's easier not to work on the passion project (the thing that gets you so excited you might burst) because it has no guarantees of success, it may not bring in cash right now and maybe it's something new– unchartered waters. But just because it's easier not to do it doesn't mean that you shouldn't. In fact, you probably should burn that midnight oil and wake up knowing that the next morning you have moved towards achieving the goal. 


"From a psychological perspective, it would be better if people engaged in activities in which they sought challenges and tried to match them with their skills...However, in our society leisure is used as an “escape” from work. “Escapism” in this respect means that people do not seek meaningful leisure activities for their own growth and development, but instead resort to passive activities to escape from everyday strains and problems. Such behavior is frequently associated with a passive lifestyle and boredom, which in turn might feed into apathy and depression," we came across from this article

We can help you find that time to work on the projects that excite you so you can break the passive habits and change them to active creation. We believe that it will influence you and your work for the better and will impress your ideal audience even more. Just because no one else is telling you to do it doesn't mean that it's not important. You're the boss.

Kind Aesthetic helps creative entrepreneurs and small businesses tell their unique stories through developing beautiful and compelling marketing materials. We also help visual and performing artists and creatives hone their own communication skills to achieve their goals through DELVE, a suite of effective consulting services, workshops and events.

Our process focuses solely on you and your work and requires a collaborative dedication. In the end, our work together will create more confidence in and attention on your work, help you stand out from your peers, and can lead to achieving your professional goals because it’s based on an individualized strategy designed to allow your unique way of working to shine through and reach your target audience. Contact us to set up a free twenty minute call to see how we might work together to set you on your way to success.


This post was originally published on 12/22/15.

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