Net Neutrality- what you need to know.

We wanted to write a short post about Net Neutrality and assure that all the artists and creatives out there were on top of what the situation is. 

"Net neutrality is the principle that suggests maintaining what we have now—an internet that, according the FCC’s own Open Internet page, ”uses free, publicly available standards that anyone can access and build to, and [that] treats all traffic that flows across the network in roughly the same way.”

Net neutrality proponents want to keep the internet as free and democratic as possible. Those who are against net neutrality argue that businesses—like Comcast and Time Warner—have every right to offer enhanced services to those who want to pay for them. In fact, the FCC’s proposed updates to allow just this kind of “two-tiered” system sparked the current debate." (from Forbes)

So, to translate that, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is proposing to rewrite the net neutrality laws to allow for two tiers of internet speed, creating an unequal playing field for internet speeds. Those who can afford to pay for a faster speed (i.e. not individuals or small businesses, but rather big corporations) will benefit.

We also suggest watching this entertaining and spot-on clip form the John Oliver Show if you haven't already seen it:


John Oliver's hilarious and informative video talks a lot about how a company like Netflix would be affected negatively, but it can really affect anyone who sells, uses the internet for business or just relies on it to do anything. That's a lot of us.

As artists and creatives, we suggest reading this article published in Wired by CEO of Etsy, Chad Dickerson, who spells it all out. Etsy, an online marketplace for people making hand made goods, has over a million sellers, many of whom depend on the internet for their livelihood. "The FCC proposal threatens any business that relies on the Internet to reach consumers, stream video, process payments, advertise services or products, speak their minds, or do just about anything else." Is that you?

The FCC is accepting comments on their website up until September 15th, and Dickerson lets us know about an online protest in support of net neutrality on September 10. Be on the lookout, speak your mind, and leave apathy behind!

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