Weekend Links- September 6, 2014

Some weekend links for your reading pleasure, monsieurs et mademoiselles. The first weekend in September edition.

Fun stuff:

Have you waded through the Time 100 yet for their fall arts and culture preview? It's a good weekend to.  Via NY Times.

Maybe it's time to stop trying to compartmentalize work and life? It's inevitable that they influence each other. Via 99 U

If you haven't' read it yet, we recommend it: Jerry Saltz analyzes the giant fall Artforum and breaks it all down. Via Vulture

In Kind Aesthetic Related News:

We posted a short informational piece about net neutrality and how it can affect you as an artist or creative, or someone who uses the internet.

There are SO many exhibitions to see everywhere, all over, in every corner this September. Here is a brief round up

And just in case you were in a summer haze last week (totally ok) we wanted to share a really informative post about How to Write an Amazing Artist Statement, that we shared on the blog, Artsyshark.

In the world of DELVE:

We're exploring ARCHITECTURE + ART in many different way in anticipation of our upcoming DELVE event this fall. Stay tuned for details! Here are some interesting bits of news we've collected:

Rejoice! The "unruly" part of the Highline will open on September 21st! Via NY Times.

Do you know your 5 influential design icons? Via Dwell

Read about DELVE: Architecture + Art on our blog and share any unique and interesting stories with us!


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