Six steps to amplify your ideas

The world relies on artists, makers, creative entrepreneurs and savvy organizations to come up with all of the amazing ideas that we experience in the world. It's our job, really. So, next time you need to make a project happen, when you really need to be heard and amplify it, here's a check list to consider:

Say it out loud. Nothing gets a project underway, revised, and makes it more real than sharing it with people who will support it. 

Write about it. The project may be brilliant, but the idea has to be communicated to the right audience, collaborators, participants and funders. Words do that very effectively. 

Visuals that support it. Beautiful and compelling images, design, logos, websites and photographs will drive your project further. 

Be present. Don't worry about the world stealing your ideas. Nothing will ever happen if you don't share. Better things will happen if you do.

Collaborate. It's most likely you can't do this amazing thing on your own. That's ok—it's great actually. Allow it to thrive with other people on board. You might not be the best at organizing or producing an event, so let someone do it who loves to. 

Document. All of your future ideas will be amplified by your past accomplishments. Let them live somewhere easy to find, beautifully documented.

Good luck! Be in touch with us if you need an expert team by your side.

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