Allow yourself to daydream!

If you're like most of us, some days are super productive and others are horribly all over the place. Everyone has a different way of working, but what we all experience sometimes is a sense of being burned out, and this will make you feel stuck, uninspired and definitely unproductive.

We want to say for the record: allow yourself to do something else. Daydream, see art, allow yourself to let your mind wander. Science even says it's a good thing to do.

Finishing a painting, design project, writing assignment or won't always come easy. Here are three questions to answer. Write the answers down on a sheet of paper and tack them to your studio wall:

  • When I am uninspired or feel stuck, what gets me motivated? (Some answers may be reading, talking to an accountability buddy, reviewing past work, etc)
  • Do I spend time on myself and nurturing my practice? Write down some ways I can do this. (I.e. do you allow yourself to experiment, see shows or have studio visits?)
  • Do I spend time dreaming of big goals and allowing my mind to wander? Set a timer and remind myself to dream big!

Allow yourself the mental space to dust off the cobwebs and move forward! We grant your permission, hard workers. 

Good luck and best wishes for productivity! If you still need help getting into a groove, let us know! You can work with us in multiple ways through our DELVE Toolkit or DELVE Time Management and Maximization!

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