Three photography tips: It's all about the light.

We love helping our clients develop sustainable skills for their businesses. Photographing work is a common project that many people have trouble with. Here are three tips that assure you will get consistently gorgeous images every time:

Always use daylight. The best way to get consistent and glowing images of your work is to use daylight. Find a window that offers a big swath of light. Look at the light; it should be a soft cover and not be harsh and contrasty. The easiest way to find this kind of light is to use a window that receives indirect sunshine, photograph on a cloudy day (nature's original light diffusers), or hang a sheer white curtain to make the light soft and allow your work to glow.

Hint: squint to see where the light is and where the shadows are. Be sure that your work is placed in the best light and your body/camera aren't blocking the light.

Use a simple, non-distracting background. Nothing says amateur like a bad photography set (think pet hair on pillows, distracting knickknacks and poor lighting.) Just like your website should be simple and feature your work, so should your photographs. Make sure that your props are just hints at an emotional and inspiring set for your product that you are featuring. Get in close and make sure that the work is featured first and foremost.

Practice with depth of field. You can control what is in focus in your images with depth of field. When using a DSLR use an aperture of F8 or wider, and here is a link to mimic the same effect if you're photographing with an iPhone.

We help talented people with their photography all the time! We can teach you via the DELVE Toolkit or we are for hire to photograph your work. Be in touch and let us know what you need!


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