2 Ingredients To Build Community As An Artist or Creative Entrepreneur

One of the talking points in our extensive conversations during the DELVE Toolkit is about building community. A lot of us often have that nagging feeling that we could be doing more to network and build a supportive community around us, but life gets in the way. We listen to what each of our clients is actually doing and help them figure out how they can enhance their community-building efforts, or if they are doing just fine. Building community isn't always easy, depending on where you live or how shy you are, but it's not impossible – it's so incredibly important. So read on...

More often than not, artists and creative entrepreneurs want:

  • people to share new work with, commiserate with, and bounce ideas off of
  • accountability and support
  • to feel that they are not isolated

There are two ingredients to build the community you seek: coffee and follow-through.

"Coffee" means: meet people out and go to events. Make coffee or drink dates with your peers. If you don't get out, then you won't meet the people you need to. We also like to have "virtual coffees," when an introduction is made and it's hard to meet up.

"Follow-through" means exactly that: communicate and do what you say you will and follow-up. Don't be that person that wants to meet up but doesn't make the effort to do it, because frankly, community won't always come to you. If you want to get some people together for a peer critique, for instance, start one yourself.

How will you (continue to) build your community? Start today! We know that each of you has at least one person you have been meaning to meet or reach out with. It all starts with an email. Have fun!

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