4 ways to showcase nonvisual art and creative work on your website

If you’re a writer, performer, actor, musician or make other non-visual work, you know you need an attractive website. How can you make it look amazing and draw your ideal audience in with smart, compelling content?

We have some tips for you below:

  • Tell your unique story. Let your audience know who you are and the kind of work you do. Share a photo of yourself. Be your brand.
  • Have a beautifully designed site. If you are not a visual person, hire someone who is. Don’t lose your ideal audience with bad design.
  • Documentation is key. Look back at all of your work and create a curated archive that you can share on your site. Use photographs, press and description to provide a visually engaging summary of your projects.
  • No photos? Use case studies. If your work really doesn’t have any images to go along with it, don’t be afraid to create some amazing case studies. We have a great post about how to create a case study here.

Having a well-designed, wonderful website offers you credibility, give your ideal audience confidence in what you do, and provides a personal archive for yourself that can work for you online. Good luck! Let us know if you need help.

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