How to stay sane around the holidays and focus on your practice

It’s really easy to get lost in the insanity of December with all of the life stuff that eats away from your practice. We are all there right now so here are some thoughts about how to stay sane and remain in perspective when deadlines loom and you need to find that last minute gift for your siblings:

Make lists. This is a very simple reminder, but list making is a huge life saver when you are under pressure. It makes the looming task seem easy and do-able, they help break down the anxious laundry list running through your mind into easy to accomplish tasks you can cross off and move on. The key is to keep the lists accessible, up-to date and easy to access. Assess them daily and lean on them to keep you organized.

Plan ahead. Use said list and plan your goals for each day – with some wiggle room. Don’t cram all of your work deadlines, marketing for your business and holiday to dos in one day. There is not enough coffee in the world for this to work. (We’ve tried.) So plan it out through the week and leave yourself some room to take a rest.

Don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy time with your loved ones. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed every year at this time, plan for that next year. Do what you can and enjoy the crazy season!

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