We had the pleasure of working with San Francisco artist Liz Robb through our DELVE Toolkit. She recently was awarded a residency in Iceland for later in the year, and we wanted to make sure we caught up with her to see what else is going on and how the 1:1 DELVE Toolkit helped her practice.

A studio shot of some works in progress

A studio shot of some works in progress

Can you briefly describe your path as an artist and how you came to seek out the DELVE Toolkit? 

Moving to San Francisco was really the catalyst for starting my career as an artist.  I had previously created a body of work that I was proud of and my next steps were navigating through the business side of my work that came less naturally.  After about six months of running my business on my own, I needed help with time management, writing, and applying to artist residencies and call for entries.  I wanted a neutral opinion on my appearance as an artist outside of the feedback I received in school and via friends and family, which is why the toolkit was a good fit for my new business!

Can you describe a day, or week, in your artistic life?

I’m consistently changing and adapting the time and ways I work in my studio, and being accountable for every minute!  Thankfully my schedule is very flexible and I’m able to focus on my studio first and foremost, which I feel very fortunate to do. 

A new weaving, work in progress.

A new weaving, work in progress.

I work in my studio five days a week, generally during daylight hours.  I start my day by writing in my sketchbook some ideas or things I’d like to accomplish for the week/month and then break them down into actionable tasks that I do on my day to day.  Everyday is unique in what I do in my studio like whether I’ll research types of new materials or actually start dyeing or weaving something new.

I also work part-time as a gourmet food delivery woman as well as a Lyft driver, which supplements my income so I’m able to sustain my studio practice as well as travel for inspiration! 

What is your favorite project that you've worked on (and/or are currently excited about/looking forward to working on)?

I’m currently working on a series of white on white grids that complete different configurations within a space.  I’m also experimenting with new materials like copper foil to create different surface textures that I’m jazzed about.  More to come!

Can you share what you've learned about your practice and how we've helped you?

I learned to be more accountable for my time on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis, which has continued to help me further understand where I want to go and how I can realistically get there. I have been re-reading my notes and aspirations from my time critically thinking and talking about my practice, which has been extremely helpful.  It was difficult talking about my goals and myself as a singular artist, and now I feel more confident that this can continue to be a reality for me.

And finally, where is one of your favorite places to go to be inspired?

I like to go on hikes and stroll with the pup, and am also an avid traveler, so it is a treat when I can explore far off lands and be completely immersed in a new space and time! I’m very excited to travel around Iceland for my textile residency this fall!

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