5 ways to win clients with a stellar portfolio of your work: Another post on the Freelancer's Union Blog

Image courtesy of the  Freelancer's Union blog

Image courtesy of the Freelancer's Union blog

*We've recently been writing posts for the Freelancer's Union blog: a wonderful resource for creative tips and inspiration, as well as an amazing community. Here is our latest post. 

FACT: You are the only freelancer in the world who does exactly what you do in your unique way. Make sure that you are showing your work in the best possible way to your audience.

This post is for you if you want to show what you do and how you do it to your ideal clients in your marketing materials and on your website (So, um, everybody).

Even if you don’t do visual work (we’re looking at you writers and consultants) or even if you are a prolific designer or decorative painter, we have some great advice below that will get you feeling confident, organized and telling the right visual story to those that count.

We want to stress two things that will set you on the right path to creating a powerful visual archive of your work:

  •  an organized archive is your best friend, so be sure to set aside time in your practice to maintain it
  •  invest in the best way to document your work, which can mean hiring a designer or photographer that you work well with and who understands how you want your work presented.
  •  Oh, and the golden rule: back your stuff up on the cloud and on a reliable external hard drive... always. This is the basis for success!

Click here to read the 5 steps!

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