DELVE: Death + Art Recap at the Morbid Anatomy Museum

It's always an inspiration to work with our neighbors in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and The Morbid Anatomy Museum was no different! Their lovely 4,200 square foot space is dedicated to the celebration and exhibition of artifacts, histories and ideas which fall between the cracks of high and low culture, death and beauty, and disciplinary divides. One can get lost in the fascinating and often hilarious objects that pepper their space.

Both Spencer Merolla and Terence Hannum shared their amazing art practices with us via  presentations in the screening room, followed by drinks and treats donated by Scotch & Honey in the main space.

Spencer, an artist working in the medium of human hair...

Terence, an artist who spends a lot of time destroying cassettes and reconfiguring their entrails into something new...

We don't think anyone left DELVE afraid of death but on the contrary, inspired to create because of it. Thanks everyone for coming!



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