Five Alive: Leah Rosenberg

Five Alive is where we ask creative people we admire five questions about their practice. Today we are excited to feature the colorful work of Leah Rosenberg.

Leah at work on a recent project in Hamburg, Germany.

Leah at work on a recent project in Hamburg, Germany.

Leah Rosenberg is an artist and pastry chef with an affinity for color, stripes, paint and the arrangement of things. She moved to San Francisco from Canada to pursue her MFA at the California College of Art, where she wrote her thesis on the artistic possibilities of cake. Her paintings, paint-based sculptures and cakes combine systems of accumulation and elements of layering to explore how our experiences, emotions, and memories build over time. Her work has been exhibited extensively in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as in Poland and Canada. Recent exhibitions include Happiness Is... (Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA), Pairings (Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX), and Bay Area Now 7 (YBCA, San Francisco, CA).

What is your favorite art making tool?

I just acquired a Ryoko nail gun! I use it all the time to build up color wall installations.

And painter's tape to make stripe paintings.

What music/band/artist are you listening to the most right now?

We've been listening to the new Dengue Fever album around our house. I like to listen to audio books as I go from one place to the next and sometimes in the studio when I'm doing something repetitive. I just listened to Kim Gordon's memoir Girl In A Band which has been taking me back to the days living in Canada in my room in the basement listening deeply and repeatedly to Sonic Youth, the Breeders, the Pixies...

Where do you go for peace and quiet?

Ocean beach, in San Francisco. 

Leah's   Everyday, a color  project . Day 6: Fiery Sunset, Day 7: Beach Sand.

Leah's Everyday, a color project. Day 6: Fiery Sunset, Day 7: Beach Sand.

But in the summer the quietest place is my aunt and uncle's cottage at Lake of the Woods, Ontario. The water is like glass in the evening and there is no place like it.

Where is your next dream travel destination?

Scandanavia, and Holland for tulip season.

Is there a color or palette that you are drawn to?

The   Everyday, a color  project  in process

I like color palettes that present themselves throughout the day. How what you eat for breakfast, to the color of the sky, to the person's outfit who passes you on the street, can make up a map of one's day through the colors you encounter. I'm also interested in how certain colors can be associated with flavors. For example, if you eat a red cookie, what flavor you might expect it to be and the stories that come up.

Recent and upcoming projects:

I recently did a color wall installation in Hamburg for a café in a pink shipping container, a project organized by Thomas I Punkt, a family clothing design business in Hamburg.  

I am wrapping up a project in the Outer Sunset at an artist-run studio and gallery, Irving Street Projects. The project is called Everyday, a color and there have been a few things written about it here, here and here!

I'm doing the Future of Food residency Sept-Dec at Bemis Art Center, so working towards that.

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