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5 tips for telling your story to potential clients

Make people remember you with a unique elevator pitch

Image courtesy of the Freelancers Union.

You are the only freelancer in the world who does exactly what you do in your unique way.

So how do you let your potential clients know who you are and what you do in a way that feels powerful and genuine? How do you recount your professional history and products and services in a compelling way when your work isn’t there to visually speak for you?

Here are five tips for telling your story, read on here....

Image courtesy of the Freelancers Union

Have you ever felt tongue-tied when asked to introduce yourself and describe your work? Or maybe you ramble on in a way that doesn’t accurately describe what you do?

As a creative who does so many amazing things, it might be incredibly difficult to put your work into words in order to give your audience that “aha” moment and make them want to learn more. Read on here...

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