New Partnership with AKArt!

If you're an artist or artist-associated entity looking for professional PR and Publicity help, check out AKArt*, our neighbors who provide consultancy and advisory services to artists. Contact them to analyze your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals for both traditional and digital press and publicity opportunities. Let them know we sent you!  

Their professional services, matched with the DELVE Toolkit, can truly light the fire under your art career. The Toolkits for Artists and Creatives will help you find more time to make work, grow your audience, and communicate your practice beautifully and effectively. Read on below to learn more.

*AKArt is an art advisory agency, as well as an independent curatorial platform, with unparalleled experience developing major art initiatives from the ground up, offering  private + corporate curation, collection management + creative consulting on strategy, programming, exhibitions, strategic partnerships, brand development, marketing, public relations, events + sales.

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